Love Your Work, Join Our Team!


From time to time, we have the following positions available:

  • Veterinarian
  • Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Unlicensed Veterinary Assistant – Level 1
  • Unlicensed Veterinary Assistant – Level 2
  • Client Care Coordinator

Opportunities may exist at one or more of our locations.


A simple, small green square with a slight protrusion on the left side, resembling a tab. the background is plain.


A small, low-resolution icon depicting a side profile of a human head attached to a square, all in a monochrome olive green color.

Paid Holiday

A simple, stylized icon of a person reading a book, depicted in a monochrome green color. the person is seated with the book held up in front of them.

Paid Sick Leave

A simple, minimalistic icon depicting an l-shaped green object, possibly representing a corner or an architectural element.


Pet Insurance

Gold monochrome profile silhouette of a classical statue against a dark green background.

Tuition Assistance for LVT Training

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

IRA Retirement

Green speech bubble icon with an extended rectangular tail on the left side.

Continued Education

The Team By Your Side